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February 11 2014

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January 06 2014

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You know that moment when you’re reading a book and you just have to stop and bite your lip and squeal or sigh or close your eyes and wrinkle your nose and forehead and press the book against your heart and just like sit there and try to soak up the gorgeous literature via osmosis?

That’s my favorite part of reading. 

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"The Infernal Devices" by Cassandra Clare.

January 05 2014

There are books that one reads over and over again, books that become part of the furniture of one’s mind and alter one’s whole attitude to life, books that one dips into but never reads through, books that one reads at a single sitting and forgets a week later.
Books v. Cigarettes, George Orwell (via readaroundtherosie)
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More and more I lived in books, they were my comfort, refuge, addiction, compensation for the humiliations that attended contact with the world outside.
— Lorna Sage; Bad Blood 
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January 04 2014

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I love my fandoms. <3

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January 03 2014

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Do you ever just sit in front of your books and just


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January 02 2014

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'Clockwork Princess' quote was the Most Shared Quote of 2013 on Goodreads

A quote from Clockwork Princess, said by Will Herondale, has been named the Most Shared Quote of…

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Sticks and stones may break your bones but tv shows and books will crush your soul to a million pieces 

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They’ll be stories.

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I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like that. That you wanted to sleep for a thousand years. Or just not exist. Or just not be aware that you do exist. Or something like that. I think wanting that is very morbid, but I want it when I get like this. That’s why I’m trying not to think. I just want it all to stop spinning.
— The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (via matmust0)
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I walked over to the hill where we used to go and sled. There were a lot of little kids there. I watched them flying. Doing jumps and having races. And I thought that all those little kids are going to grow up someday. And all of those little kids are going to do the things that we do. And they will all kiss someone someday. But for now, sledding is enough. I think it would be great if sledding were always enough, but it isn’t.
— The Perks of Being a Wallflower (via awkweirdness)
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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
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January 01 2014

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